Founded in 2016, Dexpell Logistics is a Logistics and Freight Forwarding company that offers services beyond the usual in the logistics sector, meeting the transportation services that its customers need with fast and quality solutions and always prioritizing customer satisfaction..

Dexpell Logistics, which is formed by the combination of the words Dexterity (skill), Pell mell (mixed), produces alternative solutions to your complex and difficult to solve logistics demands with its experienced team of experts.

Providing sustainable and quality logistics solutions with optimum cost advantages, Dexpell Logistics provides international air, sea, road and intermodal transportation services covering all continents with its wide agency network. Dexpell Logistics offers import, export and transit transportation services from all air and sea ports and customs points in Turkey to its customers in the safest way. Dexpell is a freight forwarder company that provides integrated logistics services with alternative solutions that determine the appropriate transportation model for each country of trade or between counties. It acts as a bridge in trade by providing logistics requirements, transportation, storage and customs clearance, procurement and foreign trade consultancy services for the realization of international trade.

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