In today's world, where environmentally friendly and sustainable transportation is gaining increasing importance, the transportation sector in Turkey is taking a significant step towards a greener transformation. Under the leadership of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, an initiative known as the "Green Logistics Certificate" is being implemented to promote and encourage environmentally compatible and sustainable transportation practices.

What is the Green Logistics Certificate?
As part of the Combined Transportation Regulation published on May 27, 2022, real or legal entities engaged in transportation activities are eligible to receive the Green Logistics Certificate. This certificate is issued with the aim of supporting the establishment of a balanced, integrated, environmentally friendly transportation system. The Green Logistics Certificate is issued indefinitely and without charge. Applications are accepted within the month of January each year. However, this year's application period was extended until February 28, 2023, due to technical difficulties experienced by companies in adapting to the Registered Electronic Mail (KEP) system.

How to Obtain the Green Logistics Certificate?
To obtain the Green Logistics Certificate, companies must meet certain criteria:
Conduct a minimum of 200 combined freight transportation journeys annually.
Have a certificate or document indicating that at least 5% of the company's energy consumption is covered by electricity generated from renewable energy sources.
Utilize climate control systems containing refrigerants with a Low Global Warming Potential (GWP) value in all climate control processes.
Carry out a minimum of 5% green packaging activities annually.
Make a donation of at least 500 saplings per year to afforestation areas determined nationwide by the General Directorate of Forestry.
Implement a zero waste management system in accordance with the "Zero Waste Regulation" published in the Official Newspaper on July 12, 2019.
Possess an ISO 14046 Water Footprint Management System certificate.
Possess an ISO 50001 Energy Management System certificate.
Possess an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certificate.
Possess an ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gas Management System certificate.

Support and Incentives for Certificate Holders
Companies that obtain the Green Logistics Certificate benefit from various support and incentive mechanisms. They receive a 50% discount on the initial application fees for transportation authorization, DB2, TMFB, and TMFB-Dmr. The same discount is applied to the renewal fees for TMFB, TMFB-Dmr, TİOYB, L1, L2, and DB2 certificates. Additionally, a 95% discount is granted for vehicle card fees for each 100 additional vehicles added to the transportation authorization annex. Furthermore, an additional 5 points are awarded to the company's UBAK (International Road Transport Union) permit application.

Advantages of the Green Logistics Certificate
The Green Logistics Certificate not only encourages an environmentally friendly approach but also provides several advantages to companies. Certificate holders can benefit from tax reductions, fee exemptions, and support mechanisms, leading to reduced operational costs. This creates a beneficial balance for both the environment and businesses, making them pioneers in sustainable transportation while demonstrating environmental responsibility.
In conclusion, the Green Logistics Certificate represents a significant step towards fostering an eco-conscious and sustainable approach in the transportation sector. By obtaining this certificate, companies can become leaders in both environmental consciousness and economic advantage, contributing to a more sustainable future and shaping the transportation sector in an eco-friendly manner for generations to come.